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4th April 2014

Dear Parents / Carers

As we approach the end of the spring term it is sometimes difficult to comprehend what has happened at Stalham High School since November last year. The school had a visit from Paul Brooker HMI at the end of March and a copy of his letter recording his findings is on the website. He was pleased with the progress the school has made but as we all know there is still much to do especially in raising still further the quality of teaching and learning so that every lesson for every student is at least good.

Recently we introduced a revised strategy to deal with students' poor behaviour. Teachers, parents and students are all in agreement that it is unfair if a small number of students interrupt the learning of others. It is selfish, and very irritating for the vast majority of students who are keen to learn.

Over the last month our green Action Record Cards (ARCs) have been completed in line on the occasions when students have required more than a stern look/glare/reminder to stay on task.

More than half of  the students in receipt of an ARC during the first two weeks have received no more, and those 'repeat offenders' (4%) of students have been dealt with: they have been removed from lessons,  letters have been sent home, meetings held with parents, a day spent  in isolation or a fixed term exclusion.

As ever, we welcome parental views on how this is working, and will be reviewing the strategy immediately after Easter, paying close attention to students' perception of how learning has improved as low-level misbehaviour is addressed.

On Tuesday evening, some parents attending the half-termly parents' forum. Not surprisingly, there was concern expressed about the number of lessons being taken by supply teachers/ cover supervisors. We have had a small number of teachers who have been unwell for a prolonged period during this term. We have been pleased to be able to bring in specialist subject teachers to cover some of this absence and our thanks go to Mr Marshall, Mr Underwood and Mrs Lee for their work.

More staff than normal have been visiting other good and outstanding schools to bring about changes at Stalham. We are hoping that those visits will become less frequent and more important, that our students will benefit from the good practice brought back into our school. We always try to eliminate absences from year 11 teaching time and hope that for our other year groups the short amount of time missed will be compensated for by fresh teaching ideas.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and peaceful Easter so that we are all ready for the undoubted challenges that lie ahead in the summer term. Those of you who are parents/carers of Year 11 students please gently but firmly remind them of the need to revise over the holiday as there is little time left, but every minute of revision could be the difference between full marks or no marks on a question. Harsh but true!

Yours faithfully

Gerard Batty  &  Carole Davies

Headteacher      Deputy Headteacher

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